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Four Questions You Should Try To Ask At A Real Estate Open House

If you are house hunting, finding out details on a property that might not be listed can be a good strategy. Realtors will be more candid at open houses and will discuss details about a property that might not be in writing. Here are four questions you should try ask at open homes.

1. Why are the Owners Selling?

Finding out why the owners are moving can help you glean information on how motivated they might be to sell. If they are moving out to relocate, they might want to quickly sell and will accept offers below the asking price. On the other hand, if they are selling a late relative's home or a second home, they might have the option to wait for higher bids to come in.

2. When are Offers Being Accepted?

Depending on what kind of housing market you are in, homes may sit on the market for awhile. On the other hand, some homes are off the market and pending sale the day after their first open house. Make sure to ask the realtor when offers are being reviewed. If they are confident this will be in the next day or two, you can move quickly with your realtor to get your offer in.

3. What Recent Upgrades Have Been Done?

At first glance, it can be hard to tell what kind of work has been done on a home. Finding out if any recent remodels or upgrades have been done can help you gauge the real value of a home. You can pursue information on what permits are in place and which contractors were used. Finding out if work done on a potential home was above board might change your thoughts on making an offer.

4. How is the Neighborhood?

If the realtor showing an open home is a local expert, they can give you a good understanding of the neighborhood and what perks there might be. Although most details such as crime, schools and public transportation can be found online, other smaller details will can be discovered at open homes. Ask about neighbors, nightlife and noise levels if you can. Oftentimes curious neighbors will come to open homes and can offer up information as well.

Any additional information that you can find out about a home for sale will help you decide if it is right for you. Don't be shy at open homes. Make sure that you try you best to seek out any additional information on a property that can help narrow down your house search. For more information on homes for sale, go to