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3 Things To Do Before Renting A Home

Renting a home can be both exciting and confusing. There are a lot of different legalities that come into play when it comes to the whole lease process. You don't want to end up signing something that you cannot agree to. You need to make sure that you fully understand the whole lease process and what is expected of you. To make sure you don't end up making a costly mistake and rent a home that isn't what you expected, here are three things you might want to do before renting a home. 

Have a lawyer look over the lease for you.

Leases are confusing and complex. There are pages of information all thrown at you with terms that many don't understand. This is where many end up signing papers that aren't what they thought only to find themselves in a world of trouble later on down the road. The best way to prevent any unexpected surprises is to have a lawyer look over the specifics of the lease for you. This will make sure that everything is in order and your rights are protected at all times.

Have an inspection done of the property.

Even though the property might look nice, you still want to have someone come in and do a quick once-over for you. Have them look at all of the main components and for signs of pest and rodent activity. The last thing you want is to have a bat flying at your face or mice all over the counters because the home wasn't taken care of properly. By doing the inspection before signing any paperwork, you can make sure you don't end up in a property that isn't safe for you and your family.

Do your homework on the property.

Make sure the home isn't in danger of being foreclosed on. You can often find out more information about this by checking with the local courthouse or register of deeds. They can tell you if there is an impending court hearing on the home and if the taxes are current. You don't want to move in and find out that the homeowner is losing the home and you are going to be out in a few months.

By taking the time to do the three things above, you can make sure you move into a rental that is going to work for you and your family for quite some time.