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Suggestions To Consider When Searching For A Condo With Space To Display Your Plants

If you currently live in a large home in the country and own a lot of potted flowers and shrubs and you plan on selling your residence and purchasing a condo in the city, consider the suggestions below when searching for a property. You will want to find a property that will provide you with plenty of space to display your collection of flowers and shrubs.

Choose A Condo That Offers Rooftop Space

If a condo offers rooftop space for you and other owners to utilize, you can create an outdoor display that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Ask a realtor about additional outdoor space that is included with each condo listing that you view, and take a tour of the properties that pique your interest. During each visit, inquire about the amount of outdoor space that is included with its respective property.

Take measurements of each rooftop area so that you can decide if there will be enough room to display your potted flowers and shrubs. An area that includes patio furniture that is surrounded by colorful flowers and foliage will help you feel as if you are in a remote location when you spend time outdoors. 

Utilize A Room With Bay Windows And A Skylight

While touring condos, pay close attention to properties that contain a room that has large bay windows and a skylight. If you decide to purchase a property that includes these features, you can set potted plants on top of a shelving units that are placed in front of windows or underneath skylights.

Another option is to have a large shelf installed along a wall that contains windows. Once your prized collection of flowers and shrubs is displayed in a room that receives ample sunlight, potted plants will continue to thrive inside of your new condo and you will feel at home by being surrounded by familiar items. 

Opt For A Residence That Includes A Balcony Or Deck

If you cannot find a condo that you prefer that includes rooftop property or a room with large windows or a skylight, a residence that has a balcony or deck attached to it may be of interest to you. A balcony or deck will provide you with a private area that can be used to display flowers and shrubs, as well as to soak up the sun or enjoy the fresh air when you would like to spend time outdoors.

If you choose to purchase a condo for sale with a balcony or deck, line potted plants and shrubs along one side of the outdoor space and place a lounge chair next to the items so that you can lay back and relax while enjoying the beauty of the plants.