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How A Real Estate Agent Can Help With A New Home Purchase

If you are looking to purchase a brand new home for yourself and your family, then you may think that it is easy to forego the real estate agent. However, this is not true. These professionals are just as important when it comes to a new build home as they are when buying real estate that has previously been built. Keep reading to understand some of the things they can do.

They Work With Builders

The good news is that real estate agents typically will not cost you any money to hire. Basically, the seller of the home will need to foot the bill for the costs associated with home sales. So, there really is not any reason not to hire own. On top of this, many home builders will work with real estate agents, so they form relationships together. This means that an agent may be able to connect you with a reputable home builder.

Since agents work with builders, they can also secure important documents like warranties. These warranties will cover at least a few years of workmanship as well as things like electrical, plumbing, and other types of systems within the home. Also, real estate agents can help you with 10-year warranties on the home structure.

Warranties, as well as new build contracts, are often confusing and complicated. Your real estate agent can walk you through the documentation so you can better understand how you are protected.

Documentation should include a home inspection, and your agent can help you to find an inspector who has experience with new home builds. 

They Can Show Homes

Many individuals who choose to purchase new-build homes will want to choose many of the specifics of the build. This makes sense, but it can be difficult to imagine the size of a specific space or even a layout without physically touring a home. Many builders will offer virtual tours, but real estate agents will have access to model homes with different layouts and locations to help you make your build choices.

If a model home is not available in your area, then your agent can work with the home builder so you can tour a home that is currently being constructed in another community. Choosing the community is often an important aspect of the build that your real estate agent can help you with. 

For more information on how to buy real estate and the various options available to you, speak with a real estate agent in your area.