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Best Tips For Making Your Home Show Better During Winter Weather

Winter weather can make everything look duller and less appealing, including homes for sale. Cloud cover can greatly reduce the natural light that makes most homes look their best. Additionally, snow and the shorter hours of daylight can also steal away the curb appeal that is more readily available during the spring, summer, and fall showing seasons. If you are selling your home this winter, the following tips will help you offset winter weather and make your home look and feel more inviting for every viewing. 

Safety is the first concern

Winter-time viewings can be hazardous if snow or ice is allowed to create hazards for viewing buyers and their agents. To avoid these risks and ensure that visiting buyers and agents can tour your home comfortably and safely, sellers will want to keep sidewalks and driveways cleared and place absorbent mats at entry doors to soak up water from shoes and boots. 

Increase the level of light

Offsetting the lack of natural light with other sources can help to brighten interiors and make the home look more cheerful and welcoming inside, even when the weather outside is gray and gloomy. Good ideas for boosting interior lighting in an attractive manner include: 

  • Lighting a fire in the fireplace or placing lit candles inside on the grate during viewings
  • Cleaning light fixtures to offer better quality light and replacing heavy lampshades with lighter, more translucent ones
  • Changing out light bulbs in fixtures and lamps to brighter halogen bulbs or an LED bulb that offers brighter light without the dull yellow cast of an incandescent bulb
  • Using carefully placed mirrors to capture and reflect light

In addition to making the interior of the home look more appealing, it can be helpful to also brighten up the outside of the home to make up for the shorter daylight hours. Turning on porch and yard lights can be helpful. Placing a number of attractive solar lights along pathways, sidewalks, and the perimeter of the home or lawn will offer buyers a more cheerful, welcoming view when they arrive at your home to view it. 

Use scents to add a touch of bright interest

Simmering a stick of cinnamon in a bit of water on the stove or placing arrangements of fresh evergreen boughs and wreaths throughout the home can add a slight scent that most buyers will find appealing and invigorating. When choosing to use scents to brighten your home, however, stay away from heavy floral scents that do not fit well with winter weather. 

To learn more tips for making your home as appealing as possible for viewings during even the drabbest winter weather, homeowners should ask their real estate agents to help them spot specific problems and find great solutions.