A Quick Guide To The Use Of A Guaranteed Mortgage When You Don't Make A Lot Of Money

If you are ready to buy your first home or you need a bigger home than the one you have now and you don't have a big paycheck to help you do so, it is important to consider the option of a guaranteed mortgage. It is useful because it can guarantee up to the full cost of the loan for many borrowers, thus allowing many individuals with a low-income to buy a home when they might not be able to otherwise. [Read More]

Getting Divorced? Tips For Selling The House

While it is hard to sell a house even when the time is right, the process becomes more complicated if the sale is motivated due to a divorce. Here are some tips you should follow if you find yourself in this situation. Do Not Let Sellers Know About The Divorce The divorce may be tough on both you and your spouse, but you should be united when dealing with a potential buyer. [Read More]

Don't Ask About These Details When Renting A Home To Tenants

Buying an investment property, whether it's a traditional house, duplex, townhome, condo, or mobile home, can be a sound financial move. Part of the ease that you'll enjoy when renting a property is having good tenants, and this may compel you to be highly discerning about the tenants you rent your space to. While a landlord has a legal right to ask a variety of questions to a prospective tenant, there are other things that are off-limits. [Read More]

Thinking Of Selling A Home You Have Recently Inherited? What You Should Know

If you have recently inherited a home from a loved one that passed away or became incapacitated in some way, then you may find yourself considering your various options regarding your newly inherited home. When you are leaning towards selling that home rather than keeping it as an investment property or as your own personal home, then you are likely wondering what you can and should do to get that house that you have inherited off your hands. [Read More]