Selling Your Home? How a Realtor Can Help Find a Buyer

When the housing market favors the seller, it may be tempting to forgo a realtor and try to sell your home on your own. The lack of inventory may make it seem easy to sell your home for the price the price you want, but not having the experience and tools will make the process difficult. Using a realtor can help you find a buyer in the following two ways. [Read More]

Finding A Home For The Baby Boomers

As the baby boomers start to loo into retiring, real estate agents need to understand what this generation is looking for in a home if they want to continue to sell real estate. Baby boomers make up a large portion of the country's population. As a real estate agent, you cannot neglect an entire generation and expect to be successful even if they are not as likely to move. Where Will They Move To? [Read More]